The Customer Profile Service is great for all businesses that provide routine and follow-up services. Learn more
Both business staff and customers can scan the stick-on "Customer Service Tags" with any smartphone to instantly see last service date and services rendered, who service was done by, service history, appointments that have been set for future services and much more. Stick-on Tags can be placed on desktop and laptop computers by computer service companies, on car windshields by automotive repair and other types of service shops, and also on medical and other cards by healthcare and other service providers. Customers can also place tags on their personal Customer Service Cards. Automatic email reminder messages can be sent for delivery on any future date and time. The simple act of a customer reminder - contacting a customer the day before appointments, has been found to decrease customer missed appointments by over 50%. Customer services also vary according to individual customer needs. Therefore, Customer Profiles can be customized to fit service frequency choices, desired service levels and other customer preferences.
When customers sign up for Wemetcard FREE Contact Services, and upgrade to Premium membership level, your business earns recurring revenue in the form of business commissions. Download Customer Profile Service flyers for distribution to customers. Put your business affiliate site link on flyers to earn additional revenue! Online Flyers and Forms with affiliate tracking also available.

Start using the "Customer Profile Service" today and enhance your customer service efficiency!


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